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Keeping Stress Levels at a Minimum on Moving Day

It doesn’t matter if you’re a removal expert or a novice; a house-move is a stressful time for everyone whether it’s just you moving or your whole family. It’s important to keep a level-head so as to minimise the likelihood of forgetting or breaking something! Here are some tips for keeping calm, cool and collected on your big day:

1)    Organisation.

Whether you work best with a checklist or a detailed plan, it’s important to have a rough guide to stick to throughout the day. Working to a schedule will maximise efficiency and reduce stress. Don’t forget to include a lunch break for yourself amidst all the loading, unloading, carrying and ferrying!

2)    Prioritise.

Come up with a plan to move in room by room, as opposed to throwing boxes in the living room and surprising yourself with the contents. Label all of your boxes and bags and try to rank them in order of necessity. Your daughter’s box of cuddly toys may be important to her, but the box of food and cutlery needs to be found first!

3)    Slow and steady wins the race.

Nobody likes the stress of moving and it’s natural to want to speed up the process as much as possible, but running around will only leave you more tired and more tense. Take the time to double-check everything to minimise the risk of breakages, loss of property and to keep stress levels at a minimum.

4)    Being area-savvy.

Whether you’re in need of a cash machine, a take-away or the nearest available tip, it’s important to be clued up on the area you’re moving to. Before the big day take a few trips around your new area and make note of places you might be in need of. Being familiar with your new territory will make the transition easier for everyone and cut down on time-wasting scouring your new streets for a post-box

5)    Don’t leave everything to the last minute.

Changing your address, setting up a phone line and making sure you have internet access…these are all things that are often left to fall by the wayside during a big move. Try to make sure you have these set in place for when you arrive at your new home. It’ll make your to-do-list shorter and will make your new house seem more like a home.

6)    Emergency Kit.

Try to set aside a box with household necessities that might save you unpacking everything in a hurry later on. Keep batteries, extension leads, light bulbs, towels and washing-up liquid separate from your other belongings, just so they’re easy to get hold of in an emergency! You might also want to keep a stash of bin-bags to hand for a quick clear-up, as well as extra supplies of packing materials and marker pens. Make sure you have all your overnight essentials clearly labelled and separate from the things you won’t need for a while. Try to pack a box of essentials per room, so you’ll have enough cutlery, food and toilet paper to get you through the move. Keeping cash, phone chargers and clean bedding to hand are a must!

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