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Importing Vehicles into New Zealand

Information supplied by the New Zealand Import Agency (NZTA)

When a vehicle is imported to be used in New Zealand, it must go through a process called entry certification.  This process checks the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, has not been crashed or water damaged, and is legally the importer’s property.

New Zealand seeks to limit the importation of the older used vehicles from overseas, which are designed to meet lower safety and emissions standards than new vehicles.  Used imported vehicles must therefore meet a number of international vehicle standards and this is determined during the entry certification process.  A vehicle that was registered overseas is therefore not automatically able to register in New Zealand.

Determining whether a vehicle meets these standards can be a complex task.  To assist vehicle importers with this, NZTA has appointed several agents to manage the process.  These agents are:

Automobile Association (AA), phone +64 9 966 8800, free phone 0800 500 333 option 5, fax +64 9 996 8893, Email: [email protected]

Vehicle Inspections NZ (VINZ), phone +64 9 580 3170, fax +64 9 525 8910, Email: [email protected]

Vehicle Testing NZ (VTNZ), phone +64 4 495 2500, fax +64 4 495 2530, Email: [email protected]

Safer Vehicle Testing (SVT), phone +64 9 296 1169, fax +64 9 296 2813, Email: [email protected]

During recent months, NZTA has dealt with a number of individuals moving to New Zealand who have attempted to bring in a vehicle.  They have had to sell this vehicle for parts, or re-export it and buy an alternative vehicle to use.  Many of these immigrants have claimed that they have imported the vehicle on the advice of their removal company and a number are seeking monetary compensation for this.

The advice that we at First Base Freight offer – Is to  find out if your vehicle is compliant with NZ regulations and if it is able to be registerd in New Zealand before shipping it.  This will save you both time and money in the long run.  Please feel free to contact any of the above agencies by either telephone or email for any questions that you may have.
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