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How to ship a car to South Africa

Shipping to Durban – a Great African Destination

Many people from some parts of the world leave their native countries behind to come live in South Africa, which is perhaps the African continent’s most progressive country. Because of such trend and migration, international freight forwarding companies like First Base Freight Ltd offer car shipping to Durban or shipping to South Africa and among other services. Why Durban? Because Durban is the country’s major port; it’s even busier than the Cape Town international port.

Vehicle shipping to Durban and container shipping to Durban is not quite as difficult as one might think. One should not be daunted of the distance traveling the seas as shipping a truck to Durban – or even a car – is a safe and relatively easy process.

There are a few things to consider about car shipping to Durban or shipping to South Africa or Cape Town and one can first browse the Internet for information on such. One of the first things that can be done is that the freight company one hires is confident and fully experienced. This company must have the customer’s concerns and needs in mind when shipping the customer’s goods, whether the customer considers vehicle shipping to Durban or any other concern. There are many ways of transporting a vehicle and a customer must make sure to choose the right freight company.

Two ways to ship one’s car are by roll on/roll off (Ro Ro) and by shipping container. Ro Ro is a ship meant to carry rolling cargo. No cranes are needed to load or unload the vehicle but can simply be driven off and on the ship decks. The vehicles are usually placed in the Ro Ro’s lower decks to protect from the elements. One needs to know three kinds of container sizes during container shipping to Durban – containers measuring 20 feet, 40 feet, or 40 foot-high cubes.

Shipping a truck to Durban is also highly possible. First Base offers truck shipping to Durban every two to three weeks from the ports of Sheerness or Southampton. Such freight companies offer shipping a truck to Durban because there is regular shipping overseas and it is cost-effective to transport a truck. Trucks are preferable because extra cargo can be loaded within it and the shipping service is hassle-free.

Shipping companies guide customers regarding container shipping to Durban or the Cape Town area. They advise customers that the most cost effective way is to load 40-foot or 20-foot container at the customer’s premises. Companies send a container to the premises so that the customer can load it personally. Companies allow free loading of 3 hours then charge an hourly rate or part of an hour thereafter. Weekly shipments are offered to thousands of destinations worldwide.

Whether car shipping to Durban or vehicle shipping to its transiting countries, many companies strive to provide the best services they can to people shipping to or via Durban. Most of these companies’ goals are to help in the smooth transition of the customer and his or her family to the adventurous city of Durban.

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