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How to Make Your Removal Environmentally Friendly

There are many steps you can take to make your move greener, starting with sorting your goods. A removal’s two main aspects are packing and transportation. Packing will require many different materials to be bought and used, meaning you have to use of more goods. The more you have to convey means you will require multiple and/or larger vehicles, all of which emit hazardous fumes. A way to cut down on all of this is to go through your belongings and decide if there are any you don’t need any longer. You may come across items that are old, broken, damaged, no longer useful, etc and there is no point in packing and transporting these items.

The best option to get rid of them is to recycle them all. You may have a regular collection in your area that you can make use of. If not, or you have two many items, they are too large etc, then you can take them to a local depot, which may pick them up for you. Other options include selling the goods, giving the family, friends or colleagues, as well as donating them to charity stores. By doing all this you can cut down on clutter, make less work for yourself, help others, make some money, and of course, aid the environment.

Packing takes up a lot of material, all of which means more and more good have to be produced. You can cut down on the amount you buy and use, helping the environment and saving you some money in the process. The best way to go about this is the same route you normally would go down; sorting your goods. You will usually do this as a means to see what items should go together to make them easier to pack and separate certain objects from others. In a green sense, it means you can work out exactly how much packing and boxes you need so you don’t buy an excess.

Before you go out and buy anything, see if you already have any materials that can be. Newspaper, old clothes and sheets, cloth, shredded paper and more can be used as adequate packing material and in using it you will be recycling. Use any boxes you have spare from appliances, etc and use them rather than buying new things. Ask around at local stores and they may give you cardboard boxes they are no longer using and acquaintances may have materials you can use.

If you do have to buy new items make sure you always buy products that are recycled or can be easily recycled later. Tissue paper and cardboard boxes are the best bet because they can be reused, recycled and will biodegrade if thrown away. Plastic boxes are not environmentally friendly because they do not have these advantages, however, because they are stronger, they will still be useable after the move so they can find new purpose rather than being thrown away. Try to avoid disposing of materials after the move and instead see if they can be used for another purpose or given to someone else for their move.

When transporting your goods it is best to use as few vehicles as possible. This can be done carefully
packing one large van so that it contains all your goods. It should take the correct and swiftest route to your new address so it spends less time on the roads.

Having a green move doesn’t have to be difficult, so follow these tips to see how simple it can be.

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