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How is my vehicle shipped overseas?

roll on/roll off vessel

Are you moving abroad and wondering how you’re going to take your car with you? The simple answer is to ship it. The method of shipping comes down to your preference and where in the world you are shipping your vehicle to. Your first step towards shipping your vehicle overseas will be to contact a freight forwarder or car shipping company like ourselves and get a quotation to ship your vehicle. To get your free quotation simply fill in our quick quote form, we will require the following information from you:

  • Vehicle Make and model
  • Where your vehicle is being shipped from
  • Where your vehicle is being shipped to
  • Contact details to send you your quotation

Car Shipping Quote

Upon receiving your details, our sales team will contact you within a small amount of time with your car shipping quotation. It will include the port of departure that the vehicle will need to be at to be loaded onto the vessel, the port of arrival, the method of shipping and the price to ship it including all UK documentation and handling fees. The only other fees you will need to keep in mind are your arrival fees at the vehicles destination such as customs, duties and taxes.

Ways to ship your vehicle

There are two main methods of shipping vehicles overseas; Roll on/roll off and Container shipping. Roll on/roll off or Roro as it is also know is the more popular method of shipping, it is where you vehicle is simply driven onto the vessel by professional stevedores, secured underdeck with chocks, straps and tie points and then simply driven off at its destination.

Container shipping can sometimes be a more expensive way of shipping your vehicle however it does have some benefits. Your vehicle is loaded and secured inside a shipping container, the sizes vary from 20FT to 40FT high cube depending on the size of your vehicle, once the vehicle is inside, the doors are sealed shut and given a unique seal number; this provides better security for your vehicle and also allows you to load your vehicle with personal effects with a reduced chance of them being stolen or damaged.

If you would prefer a container shipping quote please request this when contacting us. We only used the world’s biggest shipping lines and have done for many years; by staying loyal to the shipping lines we have secured discounted rates meaning we can pass these savings onto our clients.

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