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Handy tips for office removals

Your workspace is important. And every once in a while it will be necessary to relocate to a different office. The question is – how do you achieve this without disrupting your business and therefore your cash flow? Moving your office belongings from A to B is a task which cannot be underestimated. Quite justifiably, it is considered one of the most stressful things a business can undertake. However with careful planning, your office move doesn’t need to be overly taxing, or cause too much disruption. The five tips below will help ensure a smooth relocation for your business:
You must start planning early
Preferably as soon as you know that your move is confirmed, rather than when it is imminent. The importance of this cannot be underestimated. There is a lot to get done and you will need the time to consider all aspects and make the right decisions for your company. Rushing is not something that you want to be doing. Make sure you prepare and use a “To Do” list, and store important information and quotes together in a file. This Office Removals Checklist will help prepare you adequately for the moving day and ensure that nothing gets forgotten.
Be thorough when considering your choice of removal company
It is essential to work with a professional company who you can rely on to take control of all the packing and transporting of your belongings. To use an amateur company would be to risk the safety of things like computers and printers, and also sensitive business data. Obtain no less than three quotes, and, finally, engage the company who you feel is most suited to your individual moving needs. Make sure they have experience in business relocations, and, crucially, can accommodate your intended relocation timeframe.
Arrange a packing schedule
Do not, whatever you do, leave packing to the last minute. Nothing is more likely to cause stress, hamper moving efforts and disrupt your business. Instead, work in tandem on a packing schedule with your removals company. This is particularly important if you are moving on a weekday where you will literally have a day to pack up and set up in your new office. If you have a large amount of files, paperwork, records or similar, you may benefit from staging your packing so that some of the items that you don’t need on a regular basis can be packed prior to the move.
Ensure the channels of communication are open with all the parties concerned.
As a business there will inevitably be several organisations involved in the move who will need to be kept updated as far as your moving schedule is concerned. Your staff will need regular updates to, so that they can organise their work appropriately around the move, and ensure that their desk items are packed into a crate, and their IT equipment clearly labelled.
And finally………..
Don’t forget to prioritise your IT relocation!
Moving computers and phones from one location to another will require you to think very carefully about your IT installation. You will need to install your phone points and network cables in the new office so that they correspond with your new space plan and office layout. This is of vital importance to ensure that when you finally have all of the equipment transferred, you can get on with business immediately.

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