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Handling Fees Once your Car Arrives in Cyprus.

When we ship our customer’s cars over to Cyprus, we are asked so many times about how much the charges are in Cyprus and what documents are needed. Well here’s a breakdown of the cost, documents and any other information we think you may need.

Basically speaking upon arrival you should apply for a temporary importation where you are granted 1-3 months initially extendable up to six months. The following documents are needed for temporary importation.

1. Original Log Book (V5) in your name
2. Driver’s license
3. Passport
4. Your presence
5. Signing an attestation that you have not spent more than 180 days in Cyprus prior the arrival of your car.

Once these have been seen and accepted a temporary importation is granted for each individual with a driver’s license.

The costs are 295 EUR for saloon cars and 350 EUR for 4 x 4s including VAT. The port movement fees are 78 EUR no VAT is chargeable on port fees and our Cypriot agent fees are 120 EUR + VAT 18 %.

Upon finishing the period of temporary importation you can apply to waive the duties according to the criteria that you are a European citizen moving with your own car that you have owned more than six months and have more than 6000 miles.

An application form can be sent to you to apply for the waiving of duties. Just give us a call or email us.

If you do not qualify then you will pay the following duties:

1. Clearing agent classification EUR 140
2. MOT EUR 34
3. First registration fees EUR 150

For more information either log onto our website or email [email protected]

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