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Starting a new life in a different country is a huge undertaking. Moving overseas feels scary so it’s comforting to have little reminders of your past life with you where possible.  Ship your car to a new country and that’s one reminder you’ll have of home.  The setting might be different but the one constant in this situation will be you and your pride and joy.

It’ll be worth the wait to get your vehicle shipped overseas and it could help you feel more settled if you are reunited with your car. Simply seeing it sat there at dockside should put a smile on your face, it’ll be good to have old faithful with you as you begin this new chapter of your life.

People ship cars overseas all of the time. After such an epic journey, it’s worth making a few preliminary checks on the vehicle to ensure it’s ready for the maiden voyage in a different country. Before you do anything else, go through these basics, then slip behind the wheel and start to explore your surroundings.  Your car will look and feel right at home!

1. Check fuel

Never ship a vehicle with a full tank of fuel. Leave it about a quarter full but no more for safety sakes. Obviously you should fill the car up as soon as you take ownership of it on foreign soil. Find a local filling station near the docks and top up the tank. This should keep you going until you acclimatise yourself to your new surroundings and you work out where the best deals are for fuel.

2. Check oil

The chances are you checked the oil in the vehicle before you shipped it overseas. Just to be on the safe side though, double-check the oil again and top up where necessary. If the oil level is low this could cause unnecessary wear on the engine and engines can seize due to not having enough oil. Pull the dipstick whilst the engine is cold to verify the level of oil within the sump.

3. Check water levels

Top up water whilst you check oil and fuel levels too. Make sure the cooling system has water in the reservoir and take a look at the amount in the windscreen wash bottle too. It only takes a few seconds to perform this function but you’ll be glad you did if your windscreen gets covered in dirt or splattered by bugs.

4. Check tyres

This is another important test to make. You can inspect tyres using a foot pump, portable compressor or an airline at a fuel station. To find the right tyre pressure for your vehicle look in the owner’s handbook and set the pressure in the tyres accordingly.

5. Check lights

Physically check side lights, headlights, indicators and rear lights. You don’t want to get pulled by the police in your new country of residence simply because your vehicle had a light out. Get somebody to check the rear brake lights for you as you press the foot pedal. Or reverse the car up to a reflective surface then press the brakes, you should see the lights illuminated through your mirror.

6. Wash it

It’s been weeks since you last saw your car so give it a treat. Wash the exterior then vacuum the interior and leave your car spotless. Don’t drive around in a dirty car as you start your new life in a different country.  Clean it and feel proud as you drive around!

If you are thinking of shipping a car overseas feel to contact us at First Base Freight. We can help.

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