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Deciding on the best method to ship your car

Before shipping your vehicle overseas you should consider which is the best method for you and will overall benefit you most. Below are a few examples of how you can ship your vehicle overseas and reasons why you might or might not decide you want to choose that method of shipping.


Roll on/Roll off

Roro shipping as it is also know is by far the most popular method of shipping, you vehicle is loaded onto a specially designed roro vessel at the port by port stevedores, it is then secured and carefully strapped into place with chocks to prevent the vehicle from moving during transit. Once the vessel arrives at your destination, you vehicle is simply driven off and secured at the port until such time as the vehicle is cleared. With this method of shipping you will not be allowed to load anything into the vehicle as there may be a risk of the goods being damaged or stolen (reliant of port security). Roll on/ roll off is usually the cheapest method of shipping however there are other shipping services that offer more security.


Container shipping

When shipping a vehicle overseas you can choose which size container you need depending on the size of your vehicle, the smallest container starts at 20ft, the next size up is 40ft and there is also a 40ft high cube container available for taller vehicles such as caravans, motor homes etc. These shipping containers are loaded at depots close to the port and then transported and lifted onto the vessel by a crane. Shipping by container offers more security in the fact that the only people who will access to the container will be yourself and customs, by shipping with a container service you also have the opportunity to load any personal effects inside the vehicle meaning you wont have to pay any additional charges to use an overseas removal company such as House Removals Worldwide. Your vehicle will be secured down in place inside the container with the same methods as roro shipping with straps and chocks to prevent the vehicle during transit. Container shipping is usually the more expensive method of shipping your vehicle overseas however it can offer more security and the added benefit of being able to fill your vehicle with personal effects. Depending on your destination of shipping, container shipping can actually work out cheaper, for an up to date free quotation please visit First Base Freight, with over 25 years of experience in the shipping industry, First base freight are on hand to help you throughout the shipping of your vehicle.


Shared container shipping

Shared container shipping can be a great way to have a more secure way of shipping your vehicle over long distances without having to pay for the sole container. We have dedicated services in which we can pair your vehicle up with another customers vehicle to save you money on the cost of your shipping. This service is not as frequent so we suggest calling us first to find out when our next available shared container shipping date is. Both vehicles are careful ling loaded and secured into place by trained professionals who have been doing this for years. All vehicles have a vehicle quality inspection completed before they are loaded into the container so that we are sure that you vehicle arrives in the same condition it left you in.


For piece of mind, enquire about are Marine Insurance which can protect your vehicle from accidental damage, fire damage, water damage and total loss depending on your method of shipping.


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