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Cost of car shipping to Australia

If you are looking to move to Australia then you may want to consider shipping your vehicle there as well. The cost of vehicles in Australia can be higher than the prices of vehicles here in the UK so make sure you do some research into the value of what your car is worth over there.
If you are shipping a saloon car or a 4×4, a shared container will most likely be your cheapest option of shipping with the price of this usually costing around £1000-£1200 depending on which port you are shipping to.
When shipping vehicles overseas, the usual cheapest method is a service called roll on/roll off in which your vehicle is driven onto a specially designed vessel, secured under deck, shipped to its destination and then simply driven off at the other end however because of the long distance that your vehicle will have to travel overseas from the UK to Australia, this can quite often work out more expensive.
If you are not happy with shipping your vehicle inside a shared container, you can ask for a rate to ship your vehicle inside a sole shipping container in which your vehicle would be the only one. There will be additional charges for loading and securing of the container however this method of shipping to this destination can still work out cheaper (and safer) than shipping your vehicle by roll on/roll off (RORO).
The UK ports that your vehicle will be shipped from are Southampton, Sheerness or Newcastle and these vessels ship to Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle and Sydney (port Kembla). Transit time quay to quay is approximately 37-43 days with vessels sailing 2-3 per month. A more regular container shipping service is available from Southampton with vessels sailing once a week with a transit time of 45-47 days; this service also calls at Adelaide.
Whenever you are shipping a vehicle to Australia you will need to obtain an import permit prior to shipping your vehicle, this takes approximately 6 weeks to receive upon completion.
For the most up to date rates for shipping to Australia then please visit our website First Base Freight and fill in our quick quote form, if you would like to provide more information or have any specific enquiries then you can fill in our full online quote form and a more detailed quotation.

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