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Choosing a Freight Forwarder

Professionalism is no luxury but a prerequisite in choosing a freight forwarder, potential customers seek assurance in terms of capability and integrity.

When considering sales or purchases outside the UK, due attention should be paid to the physical delivery at the outset. If integrated into the international marketing strategy at the planning stage the freight transport element of fulfilling the sale can pay dividends in so many areas, not least in the final price paid, the most suitable type of carriage for the product, payment terms, packing, cashflow, contract performance and even the design of the product. Few logistics practitioners are as knowledgeable in so many different products and markets as freight forwarders, whose experience is rooted in ensuring goods reach their destination via the most suitable mode of transport, along with related activities associated with the international commercial transaction.

Many pitfalls can beset the unsuspecting cross border buyer or seller, and mistakes in international trading can be costly to rectify and can result in lost future business. The forwarding industry, with its overseas branches or partnerships provide valuable resources. For instance, people may need guidance on who is responsible for what, how the transport and associated costs are apportioned between buyer and seller, how to ensure that goods comply with local regulations.

For advice on the appropriate transport mode, the forwarder will attempt to match requirements to transport availability in an impartial manner without obligation to particular routes or the need to maximise investments in ships or aircraft. For this, a thorough knowledge of the options is essential to make a decision based on cost, location, urgency and the nature and value of the goods.

Choosing a suitable carrier and conclusion of the contract

Transit times, service frequency, estimated time of arrival and any flag stipulations will need to be taken into consideration.

Customs clearance

Apart from most goods moving within the EU, customs clearance remains a necessity, for exports and imports, as does the administration and control of the associated duties and taxes. Preparation of customs entries has long been a freight forwarder speciality. Forwarders have invested heavily in electronic links to HM Customs in recent years, and this enhances the speed of processing goods through UK ports.
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