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Car Shipping Mistakes To Avoid

RSS Car shipping mistakes to avoid

  • Prepare Your Car For Roll-on-Roll-off Shipping August 3, 2015When shipping any vehicle by roll on/roll off (also known as RoRo), it is important to prepare your vehicle for export in plenty of time. The journey by sea can be a long and drawn out one depending on how far it has to travel overseas. RoRo vessels will stop and call at many different […]
  • How To Ship Cars By Roll on/Roll off (RoRo) August 3, 2015Car Shipping by roll on/roll off, The easy way to ship a car overseas5 steps to car shipping auto shipping auto shipping to australia auto shipping to new zealand car shipping car shipping companies car shipping companies to new zealand car shipping company car shipping guide car shipping overseas car shipping overseas guide car shipping […]
  • Ship A Car To Australia May 11, 2015When shipping a car from the UK to Australia you must first obtain an ‘Import Permit‘.  To qualify for an Import Permit you must first have evidence that you have owned the vehicle for a minimum period of 12 months.  This can be proved by having a copy of your last 12 months vehicle insurance […]
  • Overseas Car Shipping Tips April 21, 2015Always gather as much information as possible about the country that you intend to ship your vehicle to.  Speak to friends, relatives or join an expat forum as these people can offer advice, tips and warn of any pitfalls about shipping your vehicle there. Speak to a knowledgeable shipping agent at the country of departure, […]
  • How to ship a car to South Africa March 20, 2015Shipping to Durban – a Great African Destination Many people from some parts of the world leave their native countries behind to come live in South Africa, which is perhaps the African continent’s most progressive country. Because of such trend and migration, international freight forwarding companies like First Base Freight Ltd offer car shipping to Durban […]
  • Driving in Australia for the first time February 16, 2015Worried about driving a car in Australia?  Don’t be, just learn a little about what it’s like to drive in Aus and you’ll be fine. The good news is vehicles drive on the left in Australia so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about when you tackle Aussie roads for the first time. […]
  • Do this when you collect a car at dockside February 10, 2015Starting a new life in a different country is a huge undertaking. Moving overseas feels scary so it’s comforting to have little reminders of your past life with you where possible.  Ship your car to a new country and that’s one reminder you’ll have of home.  The setting might be different but the one constant […]
  • Motorbike shipping, the dos and don’ts December 11, 2014Whatever type of bike you own, regardless of whether it’s a classic Triumph or a Ducati superbike, you’ll expect a high level of service if you decide to ship the motorbike abroad. As one of the UK’s leading international car shipping companies, we’re highly experienced at distributing four wheeled vehicles for clients, plus we’re just […]
  • Questions to ask a roll on – roll off shipping company December 4, 2014Roll on – roll off shipping or Ro-Ro as it’s also known is a safe, reliable and affordable method for shipping a vehicle overseas. It’s easier to load vehicles on vessels using this tried and tested method and due to this it often works out to be cheaper too. Ro-Ro is one of our specialties […]
  • Costs Of Car Shipping (Infographic) December 1, 2014The cost of shipping your car can vary significantly based on a number of different factors, our handy infographic looks at the main things that can affect vehicle shipping rates. Everything from the obvious where the vehicle is travelling to and from, to insurance required and paperwork requirements. There are also a number of different […]

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