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Car Shipping to Africa: Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Map of Namibia

Car Shipping to Walvis Bay, Namibia

Walvis Bay in Namibia has become a very popular shipping port, with thousands of cars passing through it every week. Not all of these cars however are destined to stay in Namibia, some vehicles often make an onwards journey to neighbouring countries such as Botswana, Zambia or Zimbabwe.

Map of Namibia
Car Shipping to Walvis Bay, Namibia

We are able to offer 7 days free storage at Walvis Bay for all shipments made with us using our agent based in Namibia. This will give you time to arrange clearance and collection of your vehicle if it is making an onward journey. With all surrounding countries, you will have to pay border fees when crossing the border.

Roll on/roll off is the most popular service as it is generally a cheaper way of shipping. Vehicles are driven onto the vessel and secured under deck. It is not advisable for you leave any personal belongings inside the vehicle as their security cannot be guaranteed.  However some people choose to ignore this and will ship items anyway.  We advise anyone who does decide to ship personal items that this will be shipped at their own risk; the shipping line will not accept any liability whatsoever.

We also offer a container shipping service in which your vehicle is loaded and secured inside a 20FT, 40FT of 40FT HC shipping container (depending on requirements). This is a more secure way of shipping if you wish to load the vehicle with personal effects.  Containers are shipped from Immingham.

Car Shipping to Botswana

The most popular destination for vehicle being delivered to Botswana is Gaborone; vehicles are shipping from the port of Sheerness in the UK and arrive 15-18 days later in port in Walvis Bay, Namibia. No vehicles can drive in Botswana unless they are registered; this means vehicles will have to be transported if they are to pass through to get to Zimbabwe.


Many vehicles are driven or transported from Walvis Bay to Lusaka in Zambia. Vehicles shipped from the UK sailed from the port of Sheerness and take on average 15-18 days to reach the Walvis Bay port. We also offer a service to ship from Tilbury to Dar-Es-Salaam if you would prefer to arrange a haulage company independently to deliver your vehicle. Transit time is approximately 21 days with vessels sailing twice a month.

Car Shipping to Zimbabwe

Bulawayo, Harare and Plumtree are the main destinations for vehicles going to Zimbabwe. As stated above, all vehicles passing through Botswana will have to be transported as they require to be registered in Botswana if they are to be driven there even if only passing through. Alternatively vehicles maybe driven from Namibia through Zambia into Zimbabwe however with border fees and the cost of fuel, it would work out much more cost effective to have the vehicle transported.

We offer transporter rates as well as rates for drivers to collect vehicles from Walvis Bay to delivery to all of the above, as well as clearance and border fees prices for all sized vehicles. For a free quotation or if you require any more details, please contact us at

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