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Can Your Car Be Shipped?

Here at First Base Freight we have noticed that whenever your shipping vehicles overseas to a new country there are a few things that you will have to check. Many countries throughout the world have many rules on what type of cars they allow to be shipped into their country.

The usual ones are:

Age – Many countries have restrictions on vehicle age.

New/Used – Some countries have restrictions on this.

Left or Right hand drive – Some countries only allow right or left hand drive cars to be shipped to their country.

If you’re not totally sure then the best thing to do though is to give us a call (contact Page) or go onto our custom duties page and click on one of the links for the specific country your shipping to. The customs pages of the countries should be able to help with any questions that you need answering on vehicle restrictions.

The customs page will also be able to tell you about any import duties, tax or custom and duties restrictions that they have.

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