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Can you ship your car overseas?

When shipping a vehicle overseas – you must first consider if your vehicle would actually be allowed to enter into your chosen country of destination. Some countries will only permit left hand drive vehicles, whilst other countries may only consider right hand drives.

Some countries will request that your vehicle passes a specialist inspection before you will be able to drive the vehicle in that country. An example of this is an Intertek inspection for vehicles being shipped to Maputo; it is advisable that this inspection is done in the UK before shipment to make sure that it passes the inspection. If you complete the Intertek inspection upon arrival and the vehicle fails then you will have to pay storage fees, pay for the corrections to the vehicle and pay for another inspection until the vehicle passes.

Age may also be a factor – some destinations are quite specific in the maximum age of the vehicle to be imported. We at First Base Freight would always suggest that if you’re unsure, then it would be best to contact the local embassy or go to their customs website; in it you’ll find copious amounts of valuable information about your right when importing your vehicle in to your chosen country.

If you still cannot find the information, then please call one of our experienced shipping co-ordinators. They can offer valuable advice regarding many destinations and can point you in the right direction.

Research is key to ensure a smooth operation when deciding to ship your vehicle overseas, First Base Freight have been successfully shipping cars, trucks, SUV’s, caravans and even motorhomes to hundreds of destinations for many years. We pride ourselves in offing only a first class service time after time.

For further information, why not call us today and let us take the stress out of the whole shipment process. With our experienced team we have been shipping vehicles overseas for over 20 years and we always aim and deliver to offer you the very best service available.

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