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A Few Ideas on Getting the Kids Involved in the Moving

Preparing and planning for a removal is alone a really difficult task, but when you add children to the whole scenario, the situation gets a couple of times harder. As a matter of fact, kids and moving rarely mix, and even if they do, it leads to complex consequences.

It’s a well-known fact that children are not really fond of changes of all sorts and a removal brings a good amount of changes – changing your home, the surrounding, the school, etc.      In most cases, kids wouldn’t want any of these, that’s why dealing with them during the course of the removal may turn into a mission impossible.

A smart way to get your kids more excited about the moving, even to the point that the idea appeals to them, is to actually get them involved in the process. However, since you cannot rely on your children to help you plan the stages of the removal, or to sort out the financial side of the question, you can count on them to assist you in the packing.

Start off with getting your children involved by asking them to take care of whatever is in their room. Whatever they feel confident enough with. It could be the packing of their clothes. Or, if they think that putting them in order will be too difficult, they could just take care of their toys, school-related stuff, games, etc.

If you believe that your child is too young to take care of stuff like these, you can just kindly ask them to give you a hand in packing. However, if they kick up a fuss about it, try to present the task in such a way that it looks like a game. Everybody knows that children are always more than willing to play all sorts of games, especially with their parents. And why not make it all a little bit more interesting by giving some candy as a reward? This will definitely help.

However, if your child is in the five to ten range, giving him/her personal packing tasks will have a positive effect in that sense, that it will enhance their self-esteem. It will make them feel like adults, as kids enjoy being relied on. Provided that your kids can write, give them the task of labeling the different boxes, according to the different contents. This will be really fun, as it will combine learning (you can teach new words) with helping out.

Same tips go for once you arrive at your destination as well. Then, it is time for unpacking. Children usually love this. It is like being eager to open presents. However, don’t let them unpack items that could be cut them, or hurt them in some other way. Be careful with the bubble wrap. It is as fun to pop and fool around with, as it is dangerous, for it possesses serious choking hazard.

Getting your kids involved in the moving process is not as hard as some people think.

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