How To Ship Cars By Roll on/Roll off (RoRo)

Car Shipping by roll on/roll off, The easy way to ship a car overseas 5 steps to car shipping auto shipping auto shipping to australia auto shipping to new zealand car shipping car shipping companies car shipping companies to new zealand car shipping company car shipping guide car shipping overseas car shipping overseas guide car … Continue reading How To Ship Cars By Roll on/Roll off (RoRo)

Overseas Car Shipping Tips

Always gather as much information as possible about the country that you intend to ship your vehicle to.  Speak to friends, relatives or join an expat forum as these people can offer advice, tips and warn of any pitfalls about shipping your vehicle there. Speak to a knowledgeable shipping agent at the country of departure, … Continue reading Overseas Car Shipping Tips

How to ship a car to South Africa

Shipping to Durban – a Great African Destination Many people from some parts of the world leave their native countries behind to come live in South Africa, which is perhaps the African continent’s most progressive country. Because of such trend and migration, international freight forwarding companies like First Base Freight Ltd offer car shipping to Durban … Continue reading How to ship a car to South Africa