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Car Shipping to Durban

  • Fast Information
  • Cost starts from: £685.00
  • Roll on/Roll off: Yes ✓
  • Container Shipping: Yes ✓
  • Frequency of sailing: weekly

Car shipping to Durban is the perfect choice when looking ship a vehicle to South Africa. Our weekly roll on/roll off services sail from the ports of Southampton and Sheerness approximately 3 times a month. First Base Freight offer both RoRo and container for any make and model of vehicle. Our UK daily vehicle collections by trade plate driver or transporter ensures that your vehicle arrives on time to ship on board our services to South Africa.

Durban is one of a few natural harbours in South Africa, its coastal location and large port gives it a greater advantage over many other ports throughout South Africa. Our established UK Company works closely with our reliable agent situated in the heart of Durban city. Their services include customs clearance import procedures and vehicle registration to ensure that your car shipping to Durban is completely stress-free from start to finish.

Car Shipping costs to Durban

Our rates and car shipping costs to Durban start from £685.00 for a standard size saloon car when shipped on our roll on/roll off services from Sheerness or Southampton. The costs to ship 4 x 4's up to 2mtrs high are cheaper from Sheerness to Durban than it is from Southampton to Durban. The costs start from £740.00 from Sheerness to Durban, whereas Southampton to Durban costs £950.00.

Roll on/roll off car shipping to Durban

Roll On/Roll off car shipping to Durban

The cheapest and most economical way of shipping a car to Durban is by roll on/roll off services. Our weekly sailings from Southampton and monthly sailings from Sheerness sees that our clients enjoy the benefits of having such regular services to South Africa.

These purpose built roll on/roll off vessels to Durban hold a couple of thousand vehicles at any one time, each vehicle being parked securely on board the lower decks for optimum safety. All saloon cars and 4 x 4's are loaded on car decks whilst larger vehicles such as trucks and trailers are parked on their own floor as ceiling height is higher to accommodate any larger cargo. All vehicles beings shipped to Durban are continually checked throughout its 19-21 day transit. Straps secured to the front and to the rear of the vehicle are kept taught throughout, this ensures that vehicles do not move on board the vessel until it arrives and vehicles are off loaded using ramps from the ship.

Container shipping to Durban

Container shipping cars to Durban

As Durban is the main port in South Africa for receiving cargo, we also ship 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC dedicated containers every week from Tilbury. Container shipping to Durban is still the preferred choice of transport due to the extra security aspect offered. With container shipping services, vehicles can be loaded with personal belongings for no extra charge these loaded items will remain safe from theft as containers are locked securely using a tamper proof seal. Only customs or the port authority can open the container without you being present but then only if your container has been randomly selected does this occur.

Do I need an Import License to ship my car to Durban?

You will need to get an import license and a letter of authority if your vehicle is staying in South Africa. You can obtain a license by going to the South African Government Website. You will also need to complete the LOA application prior to shipping any vehicle, as shipping a vehicle to Durban that has not got an import approval or a letter of authority may cost thousands of pounds in fines and may even result in your vehicle being shipped back to the UK at your own expense.

What paperwork do I need to ship a vehicle to Durban?

When shipping any vehicle to South Africa, you will need to send us copies of the following documents by email, fax or post:

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

For further information about our car shipping to Durban sailings by roll on/roll off or by container, please contact one of our very experienced team members today.

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