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Classic Car Shipping Services

When looking to ship a vehicle overseas you'll need to do your research, from finding out how the process works, the loading techniques used and modes of transport offered before you commit to ship it. Now let's add in to the mix the fact your vehicle is a classic/vintage vehicle, you've no doubt spent many hours lovingly restoring this treasure and don't just want to hand it over to any old agent to ship it to either an exhibition or to your new home overseas. First Base Freight are shipping classic cars all over the world by container services from and to right across the UK and the world. Our experience handling these beautiful vehicles dates back decades and have shipped over 1000 very carefully every time.

Professional Care When Shipping Classic Cars Overseas

We pay that little bit of extra care and attention when loading and unloading your classic car in and out of its very own dedicated container. We know that as an owner of such a prestigious vehicle you will need to ensure that your classic or antique car is in the safest hands possible. Our relocation experts understand the classic car transport process completely. First Base Freight is fully licensed and our team are very experienced in shipping classic cars all over the world both professionally and on time.

Shipping your classic car confidently

When our private clients were looking to ship their classic, beloved vehicle overseas they went through the same process that you are going through now. It took them an absolute age before they entrusted their vehicle to us and we get that. We have no problem with that, in fact we insist that you do as much research as possible when it comes to sourcing the most professional, courteous company within the market place. Our most recent shipment is always our greatest critic.

How much does it cost to ship a classic car overseas?

This will depend on the country that it is being shipped to, how much extra protection is required inside the container and so on. As an example of classic car shipping costs overseas for a vehicle shipping inside a 20ft container to Melbourne in Australia for example, the costs will be £1145.00 and sails from Southampton every week. Our agents overseas have been carefully chosen due to their similar work ethics to ourselves and will in turn offer the same level of care and attention when they are unloading this from the container once it reaches its destination.

Safe & Reliable Transport for any Classic Vehicle

First Base Freight knows exactly how much time, effort and money you would have invested in to your classic car and it is with that understanding that helps us to see the true beauty and piece of art that you are entrusting to us. This faith truly inspires our team to make sure that your classic vehicle is protected throughout its voyage overseas.

Our dedicated, professional team are on hand to make your shipping arrangements from the beginning and will keep you informed throughout. If you would like to discuss shipping your classic or luxury car overseas, please contact us and one of our logistics team will be happy to provide you with a classic car shipping quotation bespoke to your own individual needs. We are on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have.